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Mission Statement

  • A meeting of like-minded professionals eager to collaborate and create a network of posture guardians for the benefit of our service-users.
  • A community that works to develop members knowledge, skills and confidence and, hopefully, include philanthropic pursuits for the betterment of knowledge, access to postural care management and service delivery.


  • Facilitate links within professions and between professions relating to posture interventions.
  • To establish a global network platform on all things posture-related and set up interest groups focusing on geographical locations and issues specific to particular members.
  • Build a community of postural care advocates that share and help build a library of resources relating to 24-hour posture care management.
  • Collaboration of members to improve the delivery of posture care management.
  • Raising members’ awareness of assistive technology through case studies and sharing lived-experience.
  • Build on clinical reasoning in the process of assessment and prescription of assistive technology to positively affect user outcomes.


The Posture Care Management-SIG was established independent from other membership group/organisations in 2019. It developed following a small group of clinicians, care-givers and professionals coming together to share ideas in South East England, and has blossomed to community of individuals across services and, even, across countries. We are still growing!

We all have a passion for changing the posture practice landscape and working together to effect change. We want to improve our service users experience and this means:

  • Sharing knowledge and learning,
  • Increasing communication to reduce working in silos – it takes a village to effect change.
  • Collaborating on local initiatives and international developments,
  • Networking with our peers to seek and impart advice and information,
  • Raising awareness that posture care requires conversations and,
  • Using assistive technology (products) as linked to clinical reasoning and functional goals for optimum outcomes.

Our members are part of the wider postural network, with many members themselves being members of other organisations. Although a year on, this platform is still in its infancy and there are plans to expand offerings in future with collaboration of the members.

(This list is not exclusive)

Ultimately, we want to give something back to everyone receiving or providing postural care management. Members can collaborate on projects and contribute to bi-monthly meetings. There are some new offerings coming and we hope you will want to collaborate on these.

  • Clinical education content for members and the wider public in collaboration with members and external colleagues,
  • Potential product training relating to aspects of postural care (all ideas welcome!)
  • Opportunities for virtual networking within the members area and social media platforms.
  • Member-in-focus events
  • Newsletters you can opt in for and contribute to.

We are all in this together.

This platform will grow with you and be shaped by you.


Membership is open to any professional or member of the public with an interest in posture care management. It is for those wanting to learn more about it and contribute to making things better for those requiring posture care management.

Membership is free and has primarily been an opportunity for members to network, to meet virtually, to reduce the feeling of working in ‘silos’.. Please be aware of the terms and conditions before joining. This group is also currently managed on a voluntary basis, therefore please be patient if there are delays to any communications. If you would like to be more involved and help out with social media moderating or contributing to newsletters and meetings, please do let me know.

After joining you will receive an email with details of how to access the members area. If you haven’t received this within 24 hours please check your junk mail folder or contact me at For all other enquiries please use the ‘contact us’ link above.

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